Homeland Advisory Group Selects KNOX-BOX®

The 2012 International Fire Code requires business with restricted entrance control or gated facilities to install a key box to allow emergency services access to their property in an emergency.  KNOX-BOX® Rapid Entry Systems have set the standard since 1975 and is approved by over 11,500 departments nationwide.  This is why Homeland Advisory Group trusts and installs KNOX-BOX® products for all our clients.

How It Works

KNOX-BOX® identifies the responding agency for your jurisdiction and keys your box to match that departments KNOX MASTER key.  The only person with access to your box is the responding agency.  During installation, your building entrance codes, cards, and keys are placed inside the box and a department representative locks the box on site.  In the event of an emergency, the responding department will have the KNOX key to open your box and access your facility.  This improves response time and prevents expensive property damage.

Below are some sample installation photos and the excerpt from the International Fire Code

506.1 Where required. Where access to or within a structure
or an area is restricted because of secured openings or where
immediate access is necessary for life-saving or fire-fighting
purposes, the fire code official is authorized to require a key
box to be installed in an approved location. The key box shall
be of an approved type and shall contain keys to gain necessary
access as required by the fire code official.

506.1.1 Locks. An approved lock shall be installed on gates
or similar barriers when required by the fire code official.
506.2 Key box maintenance. The operator of the building
shall immediately notify the fire code official and provide the
new key when a lock is changed or rekeyed. The key to such
lock shall be secured in the key box.

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